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Ge0MLib -- Marine geophysical data processing toolbox for engineering survey (MatLab 2018b)

Ge0MLib toolbox includes algorithms for Marine Engineering Geophysical Survey data logging and processing. The follow tasks are concerned: Navigation, Sub-bottom Profiling, Side Scan Sonar, Magnetic Survey and High Resolution Seismic.

Data processing functions are developed in MatLab 2018b ( Data loggers are developed in Free Pascal (

The Ge0MLib presents the comfortable space (predefined fields, variable's structures, basic functions) for manipulations with geophysical and navigation data. The MatLab presents space for quick software development and compact code writing.

The specific Ge0MLib features are:
- easy access to each byte of Navigational and Geophysical data;
- the usable variables' structures for Geophysical Survey's tasks decision;
- all sensor' data can be regarded as single data set (for example, some corrections in navigation sensors data can easy applied for all towing/mounting equipment's position in sgy, jsf and xtf formats);
- access to software source codes and algorithms (possibility for code modification);
- open processing and pre-processing mathematics (total processing clearance and control);
- special tools for serial sensors' data logging and synchronization.

The main contradiction is the Ge0MLib to purpose two opposite targets - (1) access to each byte and no limitations for operations and (2) quick coding and usability which tend to intuitive perception.

The last changes are shown in Changes page. Old versions of functions and documents are shown in Old versions page.

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Toolbox manuals and project's documents
Link Comments
01Basic conceptions, data types and functions
01-01_Ge0MLib-General description.pdf
01-01_Ge0MLib-General description_rus.pdf
Ge0MLib basic
01-02_gSimp (in progress).pdfSimple subsidiary functions
01-03_gData-Data content's functions.pdfMatrix content's functions
01-04_gField-Row content's functions.pdfRow and RowM content's functions
02Data formats and messages
02-01_gLog-gLog data read and logging.pdfSerial data logging and read
02-01a_The navigation messages Qinsy.pdf
02-01a_The navigation messages Qinsy_rus.pdf
A navigation messages format and additional navigation files format provided for geophysical survey from QINSy
02-02_gJsf-EdgeTech format.pdfJsf files read/write/manipulations (Jsf format,,
02-03_gXtf-Triton Imaging format.pdfXtf files read/write/manipulations (Xtf format, Converters,,
02-04_gSgy-SEG-Y format.pdfSEG-Y files read/write/manipulations (SEG formats,
02-04a_gSgy_Script_TexturalHeader.pdfTextural header correction for folder with SEG-Y files (script)
03Data export to general software formats
03-01_gAcad-Export data to AutoCad scripts.pdfAutoCAD scripts creation
03-02_gKml-Export data to Kml.pdfKml-files creation for Google Earth
04-01_gNav-Navigation data processing.pdfTime and angle transformations, coordinates datum's and transformations, Nod's and Layback calculation
04-01a_MisalignmentUSBL&MRU_rus.pdfUSBL&MRU misalignment angles estimation by detected bottom targets coordinates shift
04-01b_Layback_rus (in progress).pdfLayback and sea current simple models
04-02_gMap-Trackplots and planar's calculations.pdfSimple geometric tasks decision (for example, find cross-point for pipeline and survey line) and track-plots drawing
04-03_gP190-Navigation P1_90 format.pdfP1/90 files read/write/manipulations (P1/90 format)
04-03a_gP190_Script_Catalogue.pdfXTF, JSF, SGY: create P1/190, track-plots and coordinates catalogue (script)
04-04_gWfr-Georeferenced images and data.pdfImages with coordinate world-files and XYZ-grid-files manipulations
05-01_MULT (in progress).pdfMBES processing functions
06Subbottom profiling
06-01_SBP (in progress).pdfSBP processing functions
06-01a_gSbp_Script_ChirpProcSgy (in progress).pdfProcessing SGY-file from towed chirp sub-bottom profiler (script)
07Multi channel seismic
07-01_gUHR-Multi channel seismic.pdfToday includes functions for Logs reading (GeoEel, MultiTrace, GunLink2000) and streamer geometry calculation
07-01a_GeoEel_Geo-Sense_geometry_calculation (in progress).pdf
Script for seismic streamer geometry calculation: gun's and first channel's coordinates
07-01b_GeoEelGeometryCalculation.pdfScript for seismic streamer geometry calculation: gun's and all channel's coordinates and depth (script)
08Sidescan sonar
08-01a_SSS_coordinates_pocessing_rus (in progress).pdfSSS's coordinates pocessing
09Magnetic survey
09-01_gMagy-Magnetic survey processing.pdfG882 and SeaSpy marine magnetometer/gradiometer files reading, simple modeling and charting
09-01a_Depth&Altimeter_calibration_report_example.pdfDepth sensor and altimeter calibration features and report (includes Matlab code)
10-01a_Pico&Mini_Motherboards12V.pdf Logging computer. Compare motherboards with 12V DC power and own processors (2020/08): GA-PICO3350 manual, datasheet; GA-SBCAP3940 manual; GA-IMB4100TN manual, datasheet; GA-IMB370TN manual, datasheet.

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