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Ge0mlib toolbox includes algorithms for Marine Engineering Geophysical Survey data processing (Navigation, SBP, SSS, Magnetic survey, HR/UHR streamer geometry). Functions are developed in MatLab 2018b (mathworks.com) and tested for compatibility with GNU Octave 8.4.0 (www.octave.org). Serial data loggers are developed in Free Pascal (www.freepascal.org).

The ge0mlib presents a convenient space (predefined fields, variables structures, basic functions) for manipulating geophysical and navigation data. The specific ge0mlib features are:
-- fast scripting and compact code writing;
-- easy access to every byte of navigation and geophysical data;
-- convenient variable structures for geophysical tasks solving;
-- all sensors can be processed as a single dataset (e.g., corrections in MRU data can be easily applied to coordinates in Seg-y, Jsf, Xtf, and P1/90 files);
-- full access to function and script code, algorithms and math.

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Last news:

• Porting code to GNU Octave has been started // 2023-12-04.

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