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Marine geophysical data processing toolbox for engineering surveys (MatLab & GNU Octave)

Manuals for functions sets
01-00_ge0mlib-Installation.pdf [ru]
01-01_ge0mlib-General description.pdf [ru]
01-02_gField-Row content functions.pdf
01-03_gData-Data content functions.pdf
Installation manual (GNU Octave and Matlab settings) and first steps
Ge0mlib Basic
Row and RowM content functions
Matrix content functions
02-01_gJsf-EdgeTech format.pdf
02-02_gXtf-Triton Imaging format.pdf
02-03_gSgy-Seg-y format and SBP processing.pdf
Jsf files reading/writing/manipulating
Xtf files reading/writing/manipulating
Seg-y files reading/writing/manipulating; SBP processing
03-01_gLog-Serial port data read and logging.pdfSerial data logging (Free Pascal) and reading
04-01_gNav-Navigation data processing.pdf
04-01_gNavP190-Navigation P1_90 format.pdf
Coordinates transformations, Nods and Layback calculating
P1/90 files reading/writing/manipulating
04-02_gMap-Trackplots and planar calculations.pdf
04-02_gAcad-Export data to AutoCad scripts.pdf
04-02_gKml-Export data to Kml.pdf
Geometric tasks solving (find cross-points, KP, DCC)
AutoCAD scripts creating
Kml-files creating (Google Earth)
04-03_gWfr-Georeferenced images and data.pdfImages with coordinate world-files and XYZ-grid-files manipulating
05-01_gUHR-Multi channel seismic.pdfLogs reading (GeoEel, MultiTrace, GunLink2000), streamer geometry calculating
06-01_gMagy-Magnetic survey processing.pdfMag/grad logs reading (G882, SeaSpy), simple modeling and charting

Scripts examples
202303_Measurements prelim proc...pdf [ru]
202303_Measurements prelim proc...mp4
Preliminary processing of measurements (example, coordinates processing of SSS positioned by USBL).
202211_Grid2AutoChart.pdfCreating of files for AutoChart and pictures for Geomodel using folder with grids.
202208_Tides4Soft.pdfTides editing and transforming from equipment data format to software data format (for SBP processing).
202106_MisalignmentUSBL&MRU_rus.pdfUSBL&MRU estimation of misalignment angles detected by shift of coordinates of the bottom targets.
202012_gP190_Script_Catalogue.pdf [scr]P1/190 creating from xtf, jsf and sgy files, track-plots (AutoCad) and coordinates catalogue creating.
202009_GeoEel GeomCalc.pdf [scr]Seismic streamer geometry calculating (guns and channels coordinates and depth).
202006_Layback_rus (in progress).pdfSimple models of Layback and sea current.
202004_gSgy_Script_TexturalHeader.pdf [scr]Textural header correcting - a number of SEG-Y files in folder.
202002_Script_ChirpProcSgy (in progress).pdf [scr]SBP processing (sgy) for towed chirp sub-bottom profiler.
201905_GeoEel&GeoSense Geom.pdf [ru]Seismic streamer geometry calculating (coordinates of gun and first channel).