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Geophysical free software and utilities

MatLab Libraries for geophysical data processing
Source Link File Comments
segymat.sourceforge.net SegyMAT_1.4.7z
M-files to read and write SEG-Y files from MatLab, implemented using the syntax of the SEG-Y format: SEG-Y revision 0 and revision 1.
crewes.org/... CREWES_20110623.7z CREWES MatLab software library for use in teaching exploration seismology. The CREWES MatLab library is a very large collection of geophysical routines that has grown by accretion with very little regulation.
seismic-lab.physics.ualberta.ca/... SeismicLab_20080306.7z MatLab seismic processing toolbox.
mathworks.com/... SeisLab_20100301.7z
MatLab seismic processing toolbox.
software.seg.org/... foldy_20131126.zip A simple and exact acoustic wavefield modeling code for data processing, imaging, and interferometry applications.

Free Geophysical Software for Win
Source Link File Comments
GEOindex.html (software.seg.org) Geophysic source-code archive. These are codes that accompany articles published in the 'Geophysical Software and Algorithms' section in the journal GEOPHYSICS. Downloads are available as either UNIX gzipped tar files or Windows "zip" files.
reflectionexploration.com HotShot_433-5x_free.exe HotShot is a full-featured seismic processing software for Windows.
radexpro.com SegYDetective.exe Program for SegY analysis and repairing.
dmng.ru SeiSee_2_16_1.exe
SegY files Viewer.
dmng.ru SegDSee-2.4.0.beta.exe
SegD files Viewer.
------- SegdToSegy.exe SegdToSegy converter.
seismigraphix.com seismigraphix_setup_v140.jar SegY, SegD, SU files Viewer and simple editor.
Need to install Oracle Java RE.
wmsmir.cits.rncan... SegyJp2_Install_2014.msi
SEGYJp2 Version 1.0. This tool is used to convert SEGY files to and from the SGYJP2 format. March 30, 2009. // Source Link is bad. Soft is unstable for current Win-environment.
geomarinesurvey... geosuite_segyeditor_3.1.54788.0_setup.exe A simple yet powerful utility to view and edit SEG-Y rev. 0/1 files. It supports all major SEG-Y variants and features an advanced command line interface for batch processing.
edgetech.com JSF_Convert.zip Discoverer software, lets to convert Jsf-to-Xtf (SSS) and Jsf-to-Sgy (SBP).
tritonimaginginc.com/... Triton_Converters_7.7.70.exe Triton Converter Utility. New Triton Converter application currently capabple of converterting the following formats into XTF formatted files: KLEIN .SDF, EDGETECH .JSF, RESON .S7K, KONGSBERG .ALL.
tritonimaginginc.com/... Triton_ImagenexToXTF_1.0.0.0.exe Triton .83P to .XTF Format Converter. Triton Imaging has developed a format converter for the Imagenex .83p raw sonar file format.
tritonimaginginc.com/... Triton_MSTConvert_7.6.228.0.exe Triton .MST to .XTF Format Converter. Triton Imaging has developed a format converter for the Marine Sonic .mst raw sonar file format.
tritonimaginginc.com/... Triton_XTFtoSEGY_7.5.307.0.exe Triton .XTF to .SEGY Format Converter. Triton Imaging has developed a format converter for extracting raw subbottom/chirp data from the XTF format and saving in the SEGY file format.
geometrics.com Geometrics_CSAZ_3.02.exe
Cesium sensor active zones calculation. Used IGRF-12 model; incorrectly work after 2020.01 (please, correct your computer's clock).
www.ngdc.noaa.gov/... geomag70_windows.zip Total field calculation for IGRF-13 model.
geometrics.com Geometrics_magmap_5.04.exe
Magmap is a post acquisition processing software used to analyze and process data from a number of different instruments.
geometrics.com Geometrics_magpick_3.25.exe
Magnetic map & pre-processing.
geometrics.com Geometrics_magtoolkit-1.0.zip Magnetic inversion C++ framework.

Free Navigational Software for Win
Source Link File Comments
oceaneering.com/... RinexUtil_3.9.1.exe
The RINEX Utility converts NCT (NavCom Technology) binary raw data (0xB0, 0xB1, 0x44, 0x81, MEAS1B, PVT1B, ALM1B, and EPHEM1B messages) to RINEX v2.10 or v2.11 Standard. Converting NCT raw data to RINEX provides a means of post-processing the raw data when third-party software packages do not support the NCT Binary format, but do possess the ability to import RINEX Standard measurement data.
trimble.com/... TrimbleConvertToRinex_v2.1.1.0.msi
The utility converts Trimble GNSS measurement files in DAT, T00, T01, T02, T04, RT17, RT27 or .cap format to RINEX version 2.10, 2.11, 3.02, and 3.03 formats. Version 3.09.11 fixes issues with MET data time tags.

Source Link File Comments
www.7-zip.org/... 7z1900-x64.exe 7-Zip 19.00 (2019-02-21) for Windows. It is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.