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Geophysical file formats, protocols, standards and procedure's guides

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Guides Navigation and Geophysical Guides.
File Formats File formats description: P1, P2, P5, P6, P7, seg-y, seg-d, xtf, jsf.
Protocols Equipment's in/out protocols description: Nmea, Tss, Smc, etc.
Standards Standards lists.
Paper Heaps Paper Heaps.


IOGP publications
File Comments
373-01.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 1. Geodetic awareness guidance note. Ver:1.1. 22 August2008.
373-02.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 2. Use of bin grids and coordinate reference systems in workstations. Ver:1.1. May2002.
373-03.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note 3. Contract area description. Ver:5.1. December2014.
373-04.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 4. Use of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) as the reference geodetic system for surveying and real-time positioning. Ver:2.0. July2002.
373-05.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 5. Coordinate reference system destnition - recommended practice. Ver:2.1. January2009.
373-07-1.pdf Surveying and Positioning. Guidance Note Number7, part1. Using the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset. Ver:8. August2012.
373-07-2-1_2017.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note Number7, part2. Coordinate Conversions and Transformations including Formulas. Rev:October 2017.
373-07-2_2015.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note Number7, part2. Coordinate Conversions and Transformations including Formulas. Rev:April 2015.
373-07-2_2012.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note Number7, part2. Coordinate Conversions and Transformations including Formulas. Rev:July 2012.
373-07-3.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note Number7, part3. EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry - Developer Guide. Ver:3.0. August2012.
373-07-4.pdf Geomatics Guidance Note Number7, part4. EPSG Geodetic Parameter Relational Database - Developers Guide. Ver:4. April 2009.
373-13.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 13. Advisory note on derivation of geodetic datum transformations. Ver:1.0 April 2015.
373-16.pdf Surveying & Positioning Guidance note 16. Guidelines for the Quality Control of Proposed Well Coordinates. Ver:1.0. January2006.
373-18-1.pdf Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys. Ver:1.2. April 2013.
373-18-2.pdf Conduct of offshore drilling hazard Site Surveys - Technical Notes. Ver:1.0. October 2015.
373-19.pdf Guidelines for GNSS positioning in the oil & gas industry. Ver:1. June2011.
373-21.pdf Geomatics guidance note 21. Grid convergence. Ver:1.1. August2013.
430-1.pdf Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software. Part I - GIGS guidlines. September 2011.
430-2.pdf Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software. Part 2 - GIGS software review. September 2011.
430-3.pdf Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software. Part 3 - User guide for the GIGS Test Dataset. September 2011.
448.pdf An overview of marine seismic operations. April 2011.
462_01.pdf Geomatics 462 series. Data models note 1. Guidelines for the use of the Seabed Survey Data Model. Ver:1.1. March 2013.
462_02.pdf Geomatics 462 series. Data models note 2. Guideline for the delivery of the Seabed Survey Data Model. Ver:1. January 2013.
462_03.pdf Geomatics 462 series. Data models note 3. Interface between pipeline data models and the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model. Ver:1. January 2014.
1065.pdf Guidance notes on the use of co-ordinate systems in data management on the UKCS. Ver:1.0c. December 1999.
406.pdf Fundamentals of underwater sound. May 2008.
425.pdf Geohazards from sea floor instability and mass flow. December 2009.
451.pdf Model based assessment of underwater noise from an airgun array soft-start operation. February 2011.

SEG papers
File Comments
seg_se_metric_1980.pdf The SI Metric System of Units And SEG Tentative Metric Standard. 1980.
seg_marine_hydrophones_streamer_cable.pdf SEG Standards for marine seismic hydrophones and streamer cables. 1987.
seg_marine_energy_sources.pdf SEG standards for specifying marine seismic energy sources. 1988.
seg_digital_seismic_recorder.pdf SEG Subcommittee of the Technical Standards Committee on digital seismic recorder specifications. 1988.
seg_polarity_1975.pdf Special report of the subcommittee on polarity standards. 1975.
seg_polarity_1993.pdf Report to the SEG Technical Standards Committee Regarding Polarity Convention for Vibratory Source/RecordingSystems. May 4, 1993.

File formats description

IOGP file formats description
File Revision Description
P1_1984_UKOOA.pdf Ver:-- / 1984 UKOOA P1/84 format.
P1_1990.pdf Ver:-- / 28 June 1990 U.K.O.O.A. P1/90 Post plot data exchange tape format.
P1_2011_v1_0.pdf Ver:1.0 / November 2012 OGP P1/11 Geophysical position data exchange format.
P1_2011_v1_0u.pdf Ver:1.0 / November 2012 OGP P1/11 Geophysical position data exchange format - user guide.
P1_2011_v1_1.pdf Ver:1.1 / April 2015 OGP P1/11 Geophysical position data exchange format.
P2_1986_UKOOA.pdf Ver:1.1 / December 1986 UKOOA P2/86 Raw marine positioning data exchange tape format.
P2_1994.pdf Ver:1.0 / 1994 P2/94 Exchange format for raw marine positioning data.
P2_2011_v1_0.pdf Ver:1.0 / November 2012 OGP P2/11 Positioning data exchange format.
P2_2011_v1_1.pdf Ver:1.1 / April 2015 OGP P2/11 Positioning data exchange format.
P5_1976_UKOOA.pdf Ver:-- / 1976 Final cable positioning tape format.
P5_1994.pdf Iss:1 / October 1994 UKOOA data exchange format. P5/94. Pipeline position data.
P6_1978_UKOOA.pdf Ver:-- / 1978 UKOOA Standard format for post plot seismic positional data tape.
P6_1998.pdf Rev:3.0 / May 2000 UKOOA data exchange format. P6/98. Definition of 3D seismic binning grids.
P6_2011_v1_0.pdf Ver:1.1 / November 2012 OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format.
P6_2011_v1_0g.pdf Ver:1.0 / July 2013 OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format.
P6_2011_v1_1.pdf Ver:1.0 / June 2017 Guidelines for the use of the OGP P6/11 Bin grid GIS data model.
P7_2000_v5.pdf Iss:1, Rev5 / October 2002 UKOOA data exchange format. P7/2000. Format for well deviation data.

SEG file formats description
File Revision
Seg_a_b_ex.pdf 1967
Seg_c.pdf 1972
Seg_p1_p2_p3.pdf 1983
Seg2.pdf --
Segy_rev0.pdf Revision:0 / February1975
Segy_rev1.pdf Revision:1 / May2002
Segy_rev2.pdf Revision:2 / January2017
Segd_rev0.pdf Revision:0 / February1975
Segd_rev1.pdf Revision:1 / April1994
Segd_rev2.pdf Revision:2 / December1996
Segd_rev2_01.pdf Revision:2.1 / January2006
Segd_rev3.pdf Revision:3 / May2011
Segd_rev3_1.pdf Revision:3.1 / October2015

TritonImaging file format description
File Revision RecordTypes
Xtf_rev26.pdf Revision:26 / December2008 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 107, 199
Xtf_rev33.pdf Revision:33 / December2011 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199
Xtf_rev34.pdf Revision:34 / February2012 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199
Xtf_rev35.pdf Revision:35 / April2013 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199
Xtf_rev37.pdf Revision:37 / October2014 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199
Xtf_rev40.pdf Revision:40 / September2015 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199
Xtf_rev41.pdf Revision:41 / September2016 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 15, 19, 26, 27, 42, 84, 107, 199

EdgeTech file format description
File Revision MessageTypes
Jsf_rev1_03.pdf Revision:1.3 / April2005 80, 82, 86, 2002, 2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 2090
Jsf_rev1_04.pdf Revision:1.4 / November2005 80, 82, 86, 182, 2002, 2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 2090
Jsf_rev1_07.pdf Revision:1.7 / November2006 80, 82, 86, 182, 2002, 2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 2090
Jsf_rev1_08.pdf Revision:1.8 / October2009 80, 82, 182, 2002, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090
Jsf_rev1_10.pdf Revision:1.10 / August2010 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2002, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2100, 2111
Jsf_rev1_13.pdf Revision:1.13 / September2011 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2002, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2100, 2111, 9001, 9002, 9003
Jsf_rev1_15.pdf Revision:1.15 / June2012 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2002, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2100, 2111, 9001, 9002, 9003
Jsf_rev1_17.pdf Revision:1.17 / February2014 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2091, 2100, 2101, 2111, 9001, 9002, 9003
Jsf_rev1_18.pdf Revision:1.18 / October2014 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2091, 2100, 2101, 2111, 9002
Jsf_rev1_20.pdf Revision:1.20 / March2016 80, 82, 182, 426, 428, 2002, 2020, 2060, 2080, 2090, 2091, 2100, 2101, 2111
Jsf_bathy_rev_A.pdf Revision:A / 2014 3000 (v0,v1,v2,v3,v4), 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005
Jsf_bathy_rev_D.pdf Revision:D / March2016 3000 (v4), 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005

Bathyswath file formats description
File Revision
BathyswathFileFormats_rev7.02.pdf Revision:7.02 / September2013
BathyswathParsedFileFormat_ext7.06.pdf Revision:1.0 / June2015
BathyswathFileFormats_rev8.01.pdf Revision:8.01 / November2017

GeoAcoustics (today Kongsberg) file formats description
File Revision
Geoacoustics_geoswathplus_rdf_filter_revB.pdf Revision:B / December2004
Geoacoustics_geoswathplus_broadcast_raw_revB.pdf Revision:B / January2005
Geoacoustics_geoswathplus_raw_revB.pdf Revision:B / January2005
Geoacoustics_gcf_revB.pdf Revision:B / March2006

Kongsberg file formats description
File Revision
Kongsberg_SimradEK60_revD.pdf Revision:D / --
Kongsberg_SimradME70_revA.pdf Revision:A / --
Kongsberg_SimradEM100.pdf Revision:-- / --
Kongsberg_SimradEM121A_revE.pdf Revision:E / --
Kongsberg_SimradEM_revF.pdf Revision:F / September2000
Kongsberg_EM_series_revG.pdf Revision:G / December2002
Kongsberg_EM_series_revH.pdf Revision:H / April2004
Kongsberg_EM_series_revI.pdf Revision:I / January2006
Kongsberg_EM_series_revJ.pdf Revision:J / February2008
Kongsberg_EM_series_revK.pdf Revision:K / June2009
Kongsberg_EM_series_revM.pdf Revision:M / January2010
Kongsberg_EM_series_revN.pdf Revision:N / September2010
Kongsberg_EM_series_revP.pdf Revision:P / June2012
Kongsberg_EM_series_revQ.pdf Revision:Q / February2013
Kongsberg_EM_series_revR.pdf Revision:R / October2013
Kongsberg_EM_series_revS.pdf Revision:S / May2015
Kongsberg_EM_series_revT.pdf Revision:T / June2015
Kongsberg_EM_series_revU.pdf Revision:U / June2015
Kongsberg_EM_series_revV.pdf Revision:V / July2016

SeaBeam Instruments (today Klein Marine Systems, L3) file formats description
File Revision
L3_elac_seabeam2100_revH.pdf Revision:H / 1999
L3_elac_xse_rev1.7.00.pdf Revision:1.7.00 / February2001
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.04.pdf Revision:1.8.04 / August2002
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.05.pdf Revision:1.8.04 / July2003
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.07.pdf Revision:1.8.04 / December2004
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.22I.pdf Revision:1.8.22I / August2009
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.28M.pdf Revision:1.8.28M / January2011
L3_elac_xse_seabeam30xx_revD.pdf Revision:D / May2011
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.36S.pdf Revision:1.8.36S / May2012
L3_klein_sdf_sdfx_rev3.16.pdf Revision:3.16 / July2012
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.38W.pdf Revision:1.8.38W / March2014
L3_elac_xse_rev1.8.39X.pdf Revision:1.8.39X / August2014

Teledyne Technologies files formats description
File Revision
Teledyne_odom_rdi_tdy_rev08.pdf Revision:8,v3 / --
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.35.pdf Revision:0.35 / 2002
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.41.pdf Revision:0.41 / 2002
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.42.pdf Revision:0.42 / 2002
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.50v1.pdf Revision:0.50 / 2003
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.50v3.pdf Revision:0.50 / 2003
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.51v1.pdf Revision:0.51 / March2004
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.51v3.pdf Revision:0.51 / March2004
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.53v1.pdf Revision:0.53 / June2004
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.53v3.pdf Revision:0.53 / June2004
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev0.54.pdf Revision:0.54 / August2004
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev1.00.pdf Revision:1.00 / November2006
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.20.pdf Revision:2.20 / November2011
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.21.pdf Revision:2.21 / January2012
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.22.pdf Revision:2.22 / May2012
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.30.pdf Revision:2.30 / July2013
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.31.pdf Revision:2.31 / September2013
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.33.pdf Revision:2.33 / May2014
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.40.pdf Revision:2.40 / March2015
Teledyne_reson_seabat_7k_series_rev2.41.pdf Revision:2.41 / August2015

R2Sonic file formats description
File Revision
R2sonic_sonic_series_rev3.0.0_full.pdf Revision:3.0 / August2010
R2sonic_sonic_series_rev3.1.0.pdf Revision:3.1 / April2011
R2sonic_sonic_series_rev5.0.1.pdf Revision:3.16 / May2014

HYPACK HYSWEEP HSX file formats description
File Revision
HypackUserManual&formats2011.pdf Revision:-- / February2011
HypackUserManual&formats2013.pdf Revision:-- / January2013
HypackUserManual&formats2015.pdf Revision:-- / February2015
HypackUserManual&formats2016.pdf Revision:-- / February2016

SAIC's GSF file formats description
File Revision
SAIC_GSF_rev3.04.pdf Revision:3.04 / June2012
SAIC_GSF_rev3.05.pdf Revision:3.05 / May2014
SAIC_GSF_rev3.06.pdf Revision:3.06 / June2014

WASSP data formats description
File Revision
WASSP_output_format_rev1.0.pdf Revision:1.1 / December2008
WASSP_generic_icd_rev2.2.pdf Revision:2.2 / October2013

Leidos Generic Sensor Format Specification
File Revision
GSF_spec_rev03.07.pdf Revision:03.07 / October2016

Imagenex IMAGE83P DeltaT multibeam profile point format
File Revision
Image83P_rev1.0.pdf Revision:1.0 / December2004
Image83P_rev1.1.pdf Revision:1.1 / March2010

Marine Sonic Technology MSTIFF Image Data File Format
File Revision
MSTIFF_MSTL_201108.pdf Revision:-- / August2011

Scripps Institution of Oceanography SeaBeam Merge Format
File Revision
sio_merge_format.pdf Revision:-- / 1990

NOAA National Geophysical Data Center Marine Geophysical Data Exchange Format
File Revision
mgd77.pdf Revision:-- / February2010
mgd77T.pdf Revision:-- / February2010

Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) SEA 7k SWATHplus data formats (interferometric sonars)
File Revision
SEA 7k SWATHplus_rev6.00C.pdf Revision:6.00C / February2010

USPRO's IGES (graphics) file format description
File Revision RecordTypes
Iges_rev5_03.pdf Revision:5.3 / September1996 -------

Un-public formats description (reverse engineering results)
File Comments
Original link
Filename extensions: *.BIN
Single ARM firmware file for Garmin outdoor GPS devices.This type of firmware files is encountered only embedded in GCD and RGN firmware update files.
Last change: 2019-03-02
Original link
Filename extensions: *.GCD
Firmware update file for Garmin outdoor GPS devices.
Last change: 2019-03-02
Original link
Filename extensions: *.IMG and *.ADM
Garmin Image (IMG) and UserData (ADM) Container File Format.
This file format is used to combine a set of files into a single file. It is similar to a file system on a disk, but it lacks hierarchy. The contained files (called subfiles) form a flat list - there are no subdirectories.
This file format is used for image files (IMG) with filename extension *.img and for user data files (ADM) with filename extension *.adm.
There are separate documents available here for the IMG and ADM subfiles.
Last change: 2019-11-17
Original link
Filename extensions: *.DEM, *.GMP, *.IDX, ...
Garmin IMG map file for use in outdoor GPS devices.
Uses the IMG/ADM container file format (documentation also available here) to combine all the subfiles into a single file.
This document describes the file format of the following subfile types:
--DEM Digital Elevation Model;
--GMP Subtile of a larger area;
--IDX ?;
--LBL Labels for map elements, city names, localities, etc.;
--MAR ? marine? (in bluechart 2 nautical charts);
--MD2 ?;
--MDR Binding individual map files together;
--MPS Similar to the TDB file in that it is a list of maps along with other information describing the set;
--NET Road network information (intersections, etc.);
--NOD Routing information;
--QSI ?;
--RGN Map elements such as polylines, polygons and points;
--S16 ?;
--SNR ?;
--SRT Lookup table for characters;
--TRE Map structure information that organizes the map elements into a data tree;
--TRF ?;
--TYP Custom rendering styles. How a map element will be rendered on the GPS which allows you to display things in a different way.
Last change: 2019-11-16
Original link
Filename extensions: *.PRX, *.RTE, *.TRK and *.WPT
Garmin ADM file for storage of user data on marine GPS devices.
Uses the IMG/ADM container file format (documentation also available here) to combine all the subfiles into a single file.
This document describes the file format of the following subfile types:
--PRX Proximity records;
--RTE Routes;
--TRK Tracks;
--WPT Waypoints.
Last change: 2018-11-17
Original link
Filename extensions: *.MDX
Garmin map index file for use with MapSource and BaseCamp.
Last change: 2019-05-05
Original link
Filename extensions: *.MPS, *.GDB and *.GFI
Files with filename extension *.mps are created by MapSource. Starting with version 6, MapSource introduced a slightly modified format using filename extension *.gdb. BaseCamp stores its user interface data in *.gfi format.
Last change: 2018-01-01
Original link
Filename extensions: *.RGN
Firmware update file for Garmin outdoor GPS devices.
RGN probably stands for "region". Note that the RGN files contained in IMG files have a completely different structure and purpose.
Last change: 2019-02-26
Original link
Filename extensions: *.TDB
Topographic Database: The file that holds the information which *.img belong to the mapset. Mapset: An assortment of map tiles (*.img) that is joined together by .tdb, overview image (mapset00.img), and .mdx (cited from here).
Last change: 2019-03-08
Original link
Filename extensions: *.LCM and *.AT5
Navico map format.
The AT5 map format is a Lowrance map format supported by a wide range of Lowrance GPS devices [..]. The AT5 format is able to combine vector layers, such as contour lines, with raster (image) layers (cited from here).
AT5-charts work with seachart-plotters from Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. It is also possible to use them with Insight Planner which is a tool for marine navigation (cited from here).
Last change: 2018-01-01
Original link
Filename extensions: *.SAP
Navico Map Creator / Insight Map Creator Project File. Stores all program settings and the directories and file names of input and output files.
Last change: 2018-01-01
Original link
Filename extensions: *.SLG, *.SL2 and *.SL3
Binary format used by Navico (Lowrance, Simrad, B&G) chart plotters to save tracks. *.slg is format 1 (sonar only), *.sl2 is format 2 ( sonar and structure) and *.sl3 is format 3 (includes ForwardScan).
Last change: 2018-01-01
Original link
Filename extensions: *.CONT, *.IIS, *.TMB and *.PMPD
HD Writer AE is a program from Panasonic that comes with their Digital Video Cameras which use the AVCHD recording format.
A *.cont file describes the content of a scene or directory, an *.iis file contains data for the Intelligent Index System, an *.mtv file contains additional info for the MPEG2 video (*.m2ts), a *.tmb contains a thumbnail image, and an *.pmpd file contains "maker private data".
Original link 1, Original link 2
Filename extensions: *.DAT, *.SON, *.IDX
Get from PyHum project, some text get from wiki.openseamap.org page.
This format description has (so far) been used only with Humminbird 700, 800, 900, 1100, HELIX, MEGA and ONIX series instruments. Format is not compatable with SOLIXICE, ION, or PMAX systems. Example data available in the PyNum zip-file.

Formats from manuals
File Comments
00_MagPostProcessingReference.pdf SonarWiz Magnetometry Post-Processing Reference, Revision 31, 7/25/2019. Includes follow magnetometers format description:
AquaScan AXL, Arts Gavia MAG, Balaswamy-MAG, C&C Magnetometer, FSL-MAG, G882_Type3, GEMS_Meren13_INT, GEMS_Meren13_INT_SHIFT, GEMS-gradiometer, GEMS-INT-mag1, GEMS-INT-mag2, GEMS-MagLog, GEMS-MagLog-CSV, GEO_G882_Mag, HWTMA-2011-1-MAG, Maglog Type 4, Maglog Type 5, Maglog Type 6, Maglog Type 7, Maglog Type 8, Maglog GPS-Pos w/Altitude, Maglog GPS-Pos-Alt-MAG2-MAG3, Maglog Magnetometer, Maglog w/Altitude, MagLog-Spencer, MMT Maglog GPS-Pos w/Altitude, OFG-Mag-2, PLR Magnetometer, PLR Magnetometer (m), SeaLink MAG, SeaLink-Wilhelm, SeaSpy Type 3, SonarWiz-Default-MAG, SWM-(E,T,D,L,L,X,M,A,D,S), SWM-MAG882, SonarWiz-MAG-file-default, SWM-SEASPY, SWM-SEASPY_XY, TBSmith Hypack MAG, TeslaOffshore-MAG-1, UDEL_G882_1, UDEL_G882_2, XYZ MAG, XYZA MAG.
00_SonarWiz_Single-beam_Reference.pdf SonarWiz Single-beam Reference, Revision 3.0, 8/31/2017. Includes follow single-beams format description:
DEP-1, Lat Long Depth, MLG Single Beam (QINSy-based export of CSV data).

Equipment's in/out protocols description

NMEA 0183 protocol description
File Comments
Nmea_rev3_01.pdf NMEA 0183, Standard For Interfacing Marine Electronic Devices, Version 3.01, January 1, 2002. NMEA
Nmea_garmin_revC.pdf Garmin Proprietary NMEA 0183 Sentences TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Garmin
Nmea_sirf_rev2_2.pdf NMEA Reference Manual SiRF Technology, Inc. SiRf
SiRF proprietary: $PSRF140 $PSRF150 $PSRF151 $PSRF152 $PSRF154 $PSRF155 (input: 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 110 112 200)
Nmea_.pdf The NMEA 0183 Protocol. Klaus Betke, May 2000. Revised August 2001.
Starlink, Inc. proprietary sentence: $PSLIB
Nmea_not.pdf The NMEA 0183 sentences not recommended for new designs Link
RTKNav_User_Guide.pdf RTK messages Link

Teledyne protocols description
File Comments
TeledyneTSS.pdf TSS1 ; TSS HHRP2 ; TSS3 ; Simrad EM1000 ; Simrad EM3000 ; BMT2 ; Honeywell HMR3000 ; TSS Binary ; TSS Euler Binary ; TSS HiRes Binary ; TSS HiRes Euler Binary ; TSS IMU Raw ; NMEA 0183 PRDID ; NMEA 0183 PSXN ; IEC 61162 HDT ; IEC 61162 ROT ; IEC 61162 GGA ; IEC 61162 VTG ; IEC 61162 ZDA ; IEC 61162 THS ; NMEA 0183 VTG ; IEC 61162 VTG ; IEC 61162 GGA ; NMEA 0183 VBW ; IEC 61162 VBW

Smc protocol description
File Comments
Smc.pdf $PSMCR ; $PSMCS ; $PSMCT ; $PSMCA ; $PSMCF ; TSS1/DMS ; $PSXN,10 ; $PSXN,23

Protocols description from Drivers and interfacing manual paper
File Comments
Qinsy_F.pdf Qinsy
___PPS___: $PASHR,PPS ; $IMRPY ; $IMLLH (IMU) ; $PMVXG (Magnavox) ; POS1B ; TM1B ; #T ; !M ; UTC
___POSITION___: $GPRMC $GPGLL $GPGGK $GPGGA $GPGST $GPGSA $GPGNS $PSIMLBP (NMEA-0183) ; $PDAS,QUAL ; $PDAS,FIXMODE ; $PDAS,DGPS,MODE ; $GPLRKA ; $GQLRKA ; $GPLRKR ; $GQLRKR ; $PASHR,CBN ; $PASHR,POS ; $GPRRE ; $GLRRE ; AUXCOM3 string ; NaviPac string ; FUGRO MRDGPS ; $PTSAG ; AR XA ap SE po at (Javad) ; NP NAVPOS (Javad) ; ^ (Naval) ; $GPLLQ ; GPGGA (Ashtech) ; GPGGA (Western) ; $CARXD ; 0 Message (RWSLod, Sercel Axyle) ; ZDA GLL (Sercel) ; $SW ; FXT TRACV NAVCO (Sonardyne) ; $Gn $Hn ; Syledis SR3 messages ; Trimble 4000 (ASCII Printout) ; TSIP forma ; UDI-NAV Header telegrams ; SURFACE POSITION TELEGRAM ; ACOUSTIC POSITION TELEGRAM
___GYRO'S AND COMPASSES SYSTEM DRIVERS___: $HEHCC $HEHDT (NMEA-0183) ; Digilog ASCII ; STX (Digilog Modified Anschutz) ; $HEHDT $PHTRH $PHTRO $PHSPD (Octans MRU) ; AR XA ap SE po at (Javad) ; KVH ROV GyroTrac ; SeaEye Boxer ROV ; SG-Brown 1000-A Gyrocompass (ASCII Heading) ; Sperry Gyrocompass (ASCII Heading)
___PITCH, ROLL AND HEAVE SENSOR___: Standard Atlas binary message ; Hippy Datawell Piro MRU ; $HEHDT ; $PHTRH ; $PHTRO ; $PHSPD ; $PIXSE,ATITUD ; $PIXSE,SPEED ; $PIXSE,POSITI ; $PIXSE,STDPOS ; $PIXSE,STATUS ; Litef Gyro LFK95 (Binary) ; EM1000 ; EM3000 ; $PSXN,10 ; $PSXN,23 ; Sounder Sentence protocol ; $PSER,ATT ; $A ; TSS1 ; TSS3
___USBL SYSTEM___: #QATT ; #QXYZ ; #QD ; VanDerLeun format ; Dredging Tool ; $PIHC ; $PTSAX ; Nautronics ATS (ASCII) ; $PSIMSSB ; Simrad HiPAP (400 Format) ; Simrad HPR300 (ASCII) ; Simrad Binary HPR ; Sonardyne USBL (Surveyors Output) ; STANDARD STANDARD-EC NUWC NUWC-EC
___SINGLEBEAM ECHOSOUNDER___: EM, TX, VS (Deso 25) ; STX (Odom Echotrac) ; $INATS (Simrad) ; $INATS (NMEA) ; EN, IN (Klein 595) ; $PKLA (Klein 2000) ; $PKEL02 $PKEL03 $PKEL13 EG&G Text Out (Knudsen) ; EVE MES DASHED $@01 (EPC GSP-1086 annotation); DA DB (Deso 15 / 20 / 25 Echosounder) ; Bathy UK94 ; EG&G Sonar System ; $SDDBK ; Elac STG 721 Echosounder ; Kaijo Denki PS20R Echosounder ; $PKEL LF HF ; Marimatech E-Sea Sound Echosounder ; FETEC FETEH FETEB ; NMEA DPT DBT DBS ; D# D1 D2 D3 (Simrad Ping Based ASCII Telegram) ATS
___MULTIBEAM ECHOSOUNDER___: Marimatech E-Sea Swath 501 (5 Channel echosounder) ; Odom Echoscan XTF ; EM1000 EM3000 EM3000D EM3000F EM3000C ; Simrad Mesotech MS 971 / MS 990 ; Simrad Mesotech SM2000 ; $ROV (SMD ROV) ; STN Atlas Fansweep ; TSS 340 T record I record ; TSS 350 S record F record ; Tritech SeaKing SCU ; SC1 SD (Ulvertech Profiler) ; Ulvertech Enhanced Format
___SIDESCAN SONAR___: Q# RAW0 (Simrad EA-Series Sidescan)
___UNDERWATER SENSOR___: $--DPT ; $Draught01 ; Hyspec OSP Bathy ; ISIS ROV ; $PKLA,SD ; K (Klein595 SSS) ; Geometrics G880 ; Smart SV ; Tritech SCU-3 ; Bathy Plus O.S.P. Telegram (Ulvertech Bathy) ; SC1 SD (Ulvertech Profiler)
___SPEED LOG___: EDO 3050 Dopplerlog ; $VMVHW ; $PHSPD (Octans MRU) ; PD0 PD6 (RDI Doppler BottomTrack Speed) ; Remote Cherry (RDI Doppler BottomTrack)
___TIDE GAUGE___: DCI SBU92 Radio Tide Gauges 'Snelpeilbericht' Output Format ; DCI SBU92 Radio Tide Gauges 'Geselecteerde Data' Output Format ; Digitrans Radio Tide Gauge ; Bild 4 Bild 9 (Kuhnt Pegel Tide Gauge) ; Pacific Crest Tide Gauge ; Sonar Research LPM23 Tide Gauge ; Valeport 700 Tide Gauge ; Van Essen RGC920 Tide Gauge ; Vyner Medway Radio Tide Gauge MK
___SURFACE NAVIGATION SYSTEM___: KA-BCD(0.1) KA-BCD(0.01) ASCII-16 ASCII-17 (Artemis Range & Bearing) ; AUV/Buoy Tracking (PARADIGM) ; Cable Counter (Dynapar, Sidescan Winch) ; Cable Counter (Red Lion) ; Cable Counter (MD Totco) ; DCI Minilir-Fennel ; Geodimeter 600 ; Geodimeter Aga 140T ; MDL STANDARD SIMRAD BINARY ARTEMIS FB Mk.II (MDL Fanbeam Mk III R & B) ; GECO Trinav rGPS ; $ANLG ; ParkerPDFX Stepping ; $PSIMLBM ; SI/FS format LB format (Sonardyne PAN) ; $WAGO
___OUTPUT SYSTEM DRIVERS___: $GHR (ADCP X/Y Position) ; $SNGLL (ADCP Lat/Lon Position) ; Anchor Output ; Atlas Deso 15 Annotator ; $1AO (AutoPilot Euro500) ; $DNRTR (AutoPilot RobTrack/STS500) ; AUXCOM3 ; Bennex Left Right Indicator ; CODA (Coda Navigation) ; CorrOcean ; $SDDPT $SDDBT $SONDEP $DBS (NMEA) ; $QPS_OUT (Ballast Nedam) ; $GCX (GeoCom X-Start) ; GeoLab ESP Annotator ; Geomap (Fish Positions) ; HDAS-A HDAS-B (HOV) ; STX (LAMs Gyro Position) ; VOACZ Video Eventing ; ISIS ; ISIS (Vessel and Fish Positions) ; REDAS (Vessel and Fish Positions) ; SMD ROV Format ; DOWTY Format ; ^ (Naval GPS Data Link) ; BBXX (Meteo Report Generator) ; $--APA $--APB $--VWH $--BWW $--XTE (NMEA Autopilot Strings) ; $PESSA $PESSD $PESSX (EMRI SEM200 Autopilot specific messages) ; $GPGGA $GPVTG (NMEA) ; PGS NAV Header ; KA-BCD(0.1) KA-BCD(0.01) ASCII-16 ASCII-17 (Pseudo Artemis) ; $UTC (Seabat 8000 Series UTC) ; 000 ( Sercel Axyle UTC) ; POSITION TELEGRAM 11 WAYPOINT TELEGRAM 04 (Simrad ADP70X) ; $PQPSC (Simrad DP Force) ; $G (Statoil Data Server) ; Syledis Y/X Position ; Syntrak 480 ; $PQTUG $PQTUC $PQRIG $PQANC (Tug Manager); VisualWorks Event ; WinFrog Decoder
___MAGNETOMETER___: Geometrics G880 ; SeaSPY
___MISCELLANEOUS SYSTEM___: Airpax Tachtrol RPM ; $--ROT $--MWD $--MWV $--XDR $--MTW $--MTR (NMEA 0183) ; Nortek Aquadopp ; OISTAR FieldBus TimeMaster ; $DBMMINE ; RWS Directional Waverider ; STDDDD (Standard RMI) ; Stappenbaak (RWS) ; $PSTSUR (Seatools Grab Excavation)
SeaSPY_Operation_Manual.pdf Marine Magnetics
SeaSPY Operation Manual Revision 5.02. Includes follow SeaSPY-magnetometers messages description:
Standard Format, Compact Format, SIS-1000 Compatible Format, Gradiometer Format.

Standards lists

IOGP source
File Comments
362.pdf Catalogue of international standards used in the petroleum and natural gas industries. Report No.362. February2012 update.
426.pdff OGP Regulators' use of standard. Report No.426. March2010.
485.pdf Standards and guidelines for well construction and well operations. Report No.485. May2015.
4015.pdf ISO Standards for use in the oil & gas industry. 2014:Standards Bulletin No.15.
4210.pdf List of ISO TC67 standards and their status with API, CEN and various other standards developing organisations. Report No.4210. Revision - August 2011.
SR_12_12047.pdf Shell Standard Legend (RED). Unrestricted SR.12.12047. November2012.
SR_12_12048.pdf Shell Standard Legend (GREEN). Unrestricted SR.12.12048. November 2012.

Paper Heaps

Matlab for seismic
Sourse Link File Description
------ inversion_using_seislab.pdf Emilson Pereira Leite, Seiemic model-based inversion using Matlab //Matlab - Modelling, Programming and Simulations.
Mathworks LargeDataSeismic_CODE.zip Large Data in MATLAB: A Case Study in Seismic Data Processing //Webinar.
------ SNew_seismic_modelling.pdf Gary F. Margrave, New seismic modelling facilities in Matlab //CREWES Research Report - Volume 12 (2000).
------ SEG-YfileIO.pdf Henry C. Bland and Paul R. MacDonald, A SEG-Y file I/O toolbox for Matlab//CREWES Research Report - Volume 12 (2000).
------ seisplot.pdf How to plot a seismic trace with MATLAB? )