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Ge0MLib -- Changes

Table of changes - Ge0MLib (β)
2021.12.06gAcadIgesRead -- Read circles, lines and polylines coordinates from iges-file (AutoCad's export).
2021.12.21gData2DFiltCreate -- create 2D-filter (central symmetric) for using with function gData2DFilt.
2021.08.26gAcadIgesRead -- Read circles' center coordinates and polylines coordinates (not completed) from iges-file (AutoCad's export).
2021.08.21gKmlSetPolyline, gKmlSetPolygone -- the coordinate digits changed to 12 for kml-file.
2021.08.07Conversion Mercator projection to Geographic coordinates was added (gNavProjMercator2Geog, gNavGeog2ProjMercator).
2021.06.07Function added/changed: gNavTiatLever, gNavTiatLeverN, gNavTiatNLever, gNavTiatTest.
2021.04.27The name "Euler angles" was changed to Tait-Bryan angles.
2021.04.25Add gKml functions set.
2021.04.18gNavEulerLeverGps.m and gNavEulerLeverGpsHeave.m were added; gAcadText.m were corrected for decimal (not integer) FontSize and Angle; gMapPL2AcadExport.m was corrected for carefully PointsStep processing.
2021.04.08gDataTxtRead.m and gDataTxtWrite.m were added; gJsfDTEN.m, gJsfDTENinv.m, gXtfDTEN.m, gXtfDTENinv.m were corrected; gWfrMatAngles.m was added; gJsf0181Read.m, gJsf2071Read.m, gJsf3041Read.m were added.
2020.12.18gNavGeog2ProjPolarStereo.m and gNavProjPolarStereo2Geog.m were changed (Polar Stereographic projection, EPSG codes 9810,9829,9830);
gNavGeog2ProjLambertConicConf.m and gNavProjLambertConicConf2Geog.m were added (Lambert Conic Conformal projection, EPSG codes 9801,9802,9826,9803,1051).
2020.12.10International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) data was added.
2020.12.09gNavGeog2ProjPolarStereo.m and gNavProjPolarStereo2Geog.m were added (Polar Stereographic projection, EPSG codes 9810,9829,9830.)
2020.12.01General manual was created. The site structure was changed for download page.
2020.11.2300_Ge0MLib_Beta_rus.pdf paper was updated.
2020.11.1800_Ge0MLib_Beta.pdf paper was updated.
2020.10.16gMapPLShiftZaxis function was corrected for general GpsKP-indexes and for output.
2020.08.03gXtfDTEN, gXtfDTENinv, gXtf000DatasetExport, gXtf000DatasetImport were changed/added; the manipulations with pts-file and WaterDepth field were removed.
2020.08.03gDataSave and gDataLoad were changed; a Data can containe a number of dimensions (not two only).
2020.07.21Fixed bag in gXtfDTEN (Head.HHSeconds was divided to 100).
2020.07.13MKII cable counter was added to gLogCableCounterRead and gLogFileFormatFix.
2020.07.12MagLogG88, MagLogG88TVG, MagLogGPGGA were added to gLogFileFormatFix.
2020.02.23gTraining02_SgyTexturalHeader was added. gSgyTextCorrectScript.m was changed.
2020.02.21gSgy&gUhr functions set was added. Ge0MLib (β) release was added.
2020.02.18Add example with SGY format (ET3200SX512i) to gTraining01_Catalogue.
2020.02.17Rename and update gTraining01_Catalogue (add example with JSF format). Bug for gJsfDTEN.m was fixed. Function gJsf0080DatasetImport was added.
2020.02.08Add gTraining01.m (used data); update gTraining01.pdf and rename some Training1 files. Bug for gJsf2002Write.m was fixed.
2020.02.04gMagy functions set was added.
2020.01.2600_Ge0MLib_Beta.pdf was added.
2020.01.02Repair links in manuals. Training_1.pdf was added.
2019.12.25gXtf000Field2Field function was added.
2019.12.19Xtf and Jsf files examlpes were added.
2019.11.20Change gMapCallback function name to gMapTipsLabel; join gNav and gMap.
2019.11.17gMap functions were added; gNav manual was changed; small changes for other function sets.
2019.11.17gComLogOvOut (gLog) code was changed.
2019.11.14gLog functions were added.
2019.11.11gNav functions were added.
2019.11.08gP190DTEN2P190Dir canged to gP190DTEN2P190. Removed bag from gP1902PL. Add gData&gFields functions set.
2019.11.07gP1902Cat bag removed. gP190DTEN2P190Dir was added. gJsfDTEN, gXtfDTEN were changed. gXtf000DatasetImport was added.
2019.11.04gP190 -- gP1902PL function was added.
2019.11.04Small changes for gWfr comments and doc.
2019.11.04gXtf functions and doc were upload.
2019.11.03Change/update the gJsf functions and doc.
2019.11.03Change/update the gP190 functions and doc.
2019.11.02Change/update the gAcad functions and doc.
2018.07.12Small bugs were removed form gWfr.
2018.07.11Add gWfrGeotiffRead.m (includes in gWfr.pdf).
2018.07.08Add gGeneral.pdf draft; small changes in the site structure.
2018.07.06Add gWfrXyzDraw; changes in gWfrXyz2Mat and gWfr_20180706.pdf.
2018.07.051) Small editing to gWfr functions description; 2) Add "LastChanges", "Download", "Error-403" and "Error-404" pages to website; 3) Add old release to "Download".
2018.07.04Add "gWfr" functions set.

Table of changes - Ge0MLib (pre-Alpha)
2017.07.23Ver.1.0.20. Add cut/merge/resize for Tiff with tfw (used for SSS mosaic; resize need "imresize" from Image Processing Toolbox). Add/update/rename a number of functions.
2017.05.09Ver.1.0.19. Were added:gAcadWiggleToMapNan,gMapDrawWiggleNan. Bugs removed and modified: gFJsfRead2080, gFJsfRead2090.
2017.04.29Ver.1.0.18. Were added:gAcadTrackToMap,gXtfDeleteSlant000,gXtfSetMessOff. Bugs removed and modified: gFJsfWrite####, gFXtfWrite000, gGPoints2DMinDist, gGPointsSegments2DNormal, gGSegments2DCross, gMagDipol, gNGpsDayCalc, gNTime2Time, gZFieldsInterp, gZRowInsert.
2017.02.10Ver.1.0.17. gFMagReadG88tvgMag was added; some fields for gFMagRead were renamed; gZRow and gZFieldsInterp were adapt for RowM-content; some bugs were fixed.
2017.01.25Ver.1.0.16. Several functions were renamed and added (gMapPickHandleNan).
2017.01.04Ver.1.0.15. The overlapped file-writing was added to serial data logger (gComLogOv).
2016.10.24Ver.1.0.14. Magy (G882) files reading functions were added. Several bugs were fixed.
2016.10.17Ver.1.0.13. gDataGainPL, gDataNormPL, gDataToPL, gMapPLPickAutoImg, gNCoordDerepeat functions bugs were removed. Ge0MLib_Training document was added (in progress).
2016.10.07Ver.1.0.12. Fixed bugs for gDataGainPL, gDataNormPL, gDataToPL, gDataFillPL, gMapPLPickAutoImg functions.
2016.10.06Ver.1.0.11. Image/matrix sub-horizontal layers handle and auto peaking functions (gMapPLPickAutoImg, gMapPLPickHandleImg).
2016.09.19Ver.1.0.10. Serial data logger (free pascal) and m-functions for logger files reading were added.
2016.09.19Ver.1.0.8. Some comments were changed.
2016.09.13Ver.1.0.8. gDataGain, gDataTraceFilt, gDataTraceWeight, gDataToPline, gMagNormal, gMagDipol, gMagCylinder were added. Several bugs were fixed.
2016.08.17Ver.1.0.7. gSgySetSampleInterval and gGPointsPolyline2DNormal were added; "signed" distance was defined (polyline-to-point).
2016.08.15Ver.1.0.6. gZRowSet was corrected (set data to []). gSgySetDelayRecTime, gSgySetEndRecTime, gSgySetTraceOff functions were added.
2016.08.10Ver.1.0.5. gMapPL files were changed.
2016.08.08Ver.1.0.4. 1) gFSgyRead: line 57 was changed for Endian correct recognizing; 2) add functions gMapPLReadTxt, gMapPLReadXtfDir, gMapPLReadSegyDir, gMapPLDraw, gMapPLExportTxt for trackplots creation.
2016.07.31Ver.1.0.3. gNAng2Ang, gNTime2Time, gNCoordDerepeat were added.
2016.07.27Ver.1.0.2. Were added: gNLayback - towing fish position calculation; gNTrackMadeGood2D - trackplot smoothing and direction calculation.