Ge0MLib (β) -- Marine geophysical data processing toolbox for engineering survey // MatLab 2015b home

Ge0MLib library includes algorithms for Marine Engineering Geophysical Survey data logging and processing. The follow tasks are concerned: Navigation, Sub-bottom Profiling, Side Scan Sonar, Magnetic Survey and High Resolution Seismic.

Data processing functions are developed in MatLab2015b ( Data loggers are developed in Free Pascal (

The Ge0MLib presents the comfortable space (predefined fields, variable’s structures, basic functions) for manipulations with geophysical and navigation data. The MatLab presents space for quick software development and compact code writing.

The specific Ge0MLib features are:
- the usable variables' structures for Geophysical Survey’s tasks decision;
- vessel with equipment can be regarded as a single object described math models (for example, some corrections in navigation sensors data can easy applied for all towing/mounting equipment’s position in sgy, jsf and xtf formats);
- easy access to each byte of Geophysical data;
- access to software source codes and algorithms (possibility for code modification);
- special tools for serial sensors’ data logging and synchronization.

The functions sets are shown in the Table below, linked to download page. The changes page is presented.

Functions sets and manuals
Link Comments
Ge0MLib (β) Last toolbox (all functions sets) release, includes follow function sets:
gData, gFields, gNav, gMap, gLog, gJsf, gXtf, gSgy, gUhr, gMagy, gP190, gWfr, gAcad.
Information about toolbox's principles, data structures and functions sets.
Training documents.
gData&gFields Row, RowM and Matrix content's functions.
gNav&gMap Navigation and coordinates manipulations.
Geometrics tasks decision, track-plots/pipelines/line-planning, picking, graphics.
gLog Serial data logging/read/write.
gJsf Jsf files read/write/manipulations.
gXtf Xtf files read/write/manipulations.
gSgy&gUhr Sgy files read/write/manipulations.
HR/UHR Seismic logs and geometry.
gMagy Magnetometers data read/write/manipulations.
gP190 P1/90 files read/write/manipulations.
gWfr Images with coordinate world-files and XYZ-grid-files manipulations.
gAcad AutoCAD scripts creation.
Old Versions Old versions of functions and documents.